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Accreditation IUASR

The recent developments in the Dutch media about the IUASE (Islamic University of Applied Sciences of EUROPE) has triggered much negative attention concerning our accreditation of our Bachelor and Master degree programs. We would like to announce that there is absolutely no link between IUASR (our institution) and the bankrupt declared educational institution called the IUASE.

We would like to announce that we are reaccredited by an independent commission with a positive advice. The NVAO has formally adopted this advice. In other words, our accreditation of the Bachelor’s degree programme Islamic Theology has again been successfully extended.

The IUASR has two recognised degree programmes: Bachelor (B) Islamic Theology and Master (M) Islamic Spiritual Care. Our Bachelor programme is recognised in March 2013 and reaccredited in 2018 for six years. Our Masters programme is accredited in 2010 and reaccredited in 2016 for another six years.We are proud to be an independent institution which considers ordo simplex a virtue and brings various sciences into her curriculum without any scientific prejudices.

Bachelor (B) Islamic Theology

Masters (M) Islamic Spiritual Care

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