Master Islamic Spiritual Care NL

Study Programme

Programme outline

The Master programme starts every academic year in September. The Master degree is awarded upon successful completion of both the course requirements and a Master’s thesis. The curriculum consists of core theory courses (70 EC), capita selecta (5 EC), practical trainings and supervision (20 EC), an applied research course (5 EC) and a research project of the Master’s thesis (20 EC). The requirements should take two years of full-time study. Students who have to complete a pre master preparatory programme will need more time, which will depend on the extra requirements to be fulfilled.


Subjects of the first year programme (MA1) EC

Geestelijke verzorging als beroep (Spiritual Care as a Profession) 10
Geestelijke verzorging in Justitiele- en Zorginstellingen (Spiritual Care in Justice and Health Care Organizations) 10
Ethiek in de gezondheidszorg II (Ethics of Health Care II) 10
Communicatievaardigheden voor geestelijk verzorgers (Communicative Skills for Spiritual Care Experts) 10
Bemiddeling en advisering (Mediation and Advising) 10
Psychopathologie (Psychopathology) 10
Subjects of the second year programme (MA2)
Islamitische counseling (Islamic Counseling) 10
Capita Selecta (Selected Topics) 5
Toegepaste Onderzoeksmethoden en vaardigheden (Applied Research Methods and Skills) 5
Masterscriptie (Master Thesis) 20
Stage (Training) and Supervisie (Supervision) 20

Master Thesis
The Master’s thesis (20 ECTS credits) is a report on research that focuses on a topic in the field of Islamic Spiritual Care, in which theoretical insights and the analysis of practical cases with empirical data are integrated. It is carried out by the students under the supervision of department professors. The subject of the thesis is to be mutually agreed upon by the student and the academic adviser. The thesis should be between 60-70 A4-pages (about 15,000 and 24,000 words.)

Degree requirements
The Master degree (120 ECTS credits) is awarded upon successful completion of the course requirements and a Master’s thesis.

Detailed course information
The complete description of all subjects in this programme can be found in the Study Guide (Studiegids) in Dutch.

Please note that the programme as described in the Study Guide is that of 2012-2013 and subject to change if necessary.

Refer to
Short Study Guide – Master Islamic Spiritual Care (in Dutch)

Career opportunities

M Islamic Spiritual Care

The Master programme in Islamic Spiritual Care prepares students for jobs in a variety of sectors, including mosques, hospitals, schools, advisory organisations, government institutions (such as prisons of Ministry of Justice, police, army) and non-governmental organisations.

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