English Master Degree Islamic Spiritual Care (ENG)

New Master Degree Program: Islamic Spiritual Care


The Master program Islamic Spiritual Care is a pioneering program we offer in the Netherlands at the Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam. Especially those who are engaged in Islamic Spiritual Care serving in the public or private sector, or those who want to deepen their training as well as their understanding of how to guide and professionally aid from the Islamic faith, those who are in need of assistance. Students learn to integrate the theory and practice of spirituality and professional guidance in ways that are meaningful to Muslim life. The program offers a thorough understanding of the consciousness reflected in outward life, where our curriculum supports this desired outcome.

The Master program Islamic Spiritual Care is officially recognized and accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). After graduation the student becomes a Muslim counsellor with which title he or she may practice his/her career at official (Islamic) (umbrella) organizations.

Program of Goals

The program offers the student to develop professional skills, knowledge, insight and attitude in order to give patients spiritual care in times of difficulty and necessity. The program gives insight in how to deal satisfactorily with questions about spiritual life and meaning in order to become proficient in guiding the sick, the elderly in religious, spiritual, social, philosophical and legal issues. The program prepares the student in a mediating and consultative role, if desired, also by reference to the religious and spiritual sources and traditions.

Content of the Master Program Islamic Spiritual Care

The 120-EC credit in the Master of Islamic Spiritual Care requires the completion of the following educational units (modules):

First Year

Spiritual care as profession 5 EC
Competences of Muslim counsellors 5 EC
Psychology thought in Islam 5 EC
Islam and ethics in healthcare 5 EC
Fundamentals (foundations) of Islamic spiritual care 5 EC
Communication skills for spiritual care givers 5 EC
Personality psychology 5 EC
Ethics in healthcare 5 EC
Spiritual care in penitentiaries (correctional institutions) 5 EC
Psychopathology 5 EC
Mediation 5 EC
Spiritual care in healthcare institutions 5 EC

Second Year

Methods and Techniques II 5 EC
Master Thesis 20 EC
Traineeship and supervision 20 EC
Counseling 5 EC
Capita Selecta 5 EC
Society and spiritual care 5 EC
Total 120 EC


The Master of Islamic Spiritual Care of 120 EC credits requires the applicant to have a Bachelor diploma. Students of Islamic sciences will have the ability to enroll directly, while students of other Bachelor programs will have to fulfill additional courses through a one-year Pre-master program.


Throughout the year.


  1. Request the application form by sending an e-mail to Student administration: szaken@iuasr.nl
  2. Send the following documents by e-mail to Student administration:
  • Completed application form
  • Brief personal statement elaborating your motivation, goals, perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Screenshot of the paid application fee (see under 3)
  • Scan of your Passport or ID-card
  • Scan of your personal photo
  • TOEFL English language test result with a score of at least 550 points.
  1. Pay the application fee of 50 EUR. Fee must be transferred to the IBAN account of the university:

Details: Bank:

IBAN: NL 18 INGB 0675 4552 19

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