Islamic Theology Bachelor’s Programme (Eng)


During this four-year HBO Bachelor’s programme, students are given the opportunity to delve into a wide range of subjects on Islamic Theology. The composition of the courses within the programme is based on an inside view, while at the same time offering sufficient variation and challenge in knowledge, theory and professional practice.


Level: Bachelor

Duration: 4 years

Main language: English

Total credits required: 240 EC

Teaching methods:

The main teaching methods are lectures, tutorials, self-study, internships and the final thesis.

What can I do with it?

After successful completion of the programme, the graduate may call himself/herself a Theologian. A large number of IUASR graduates choose to continue their education. For others, it is possible to work as imams, a specialist in Islam for government agencies or non-governmental agencies. There are plenty of job opportunities for our graduates at Ministries, local authorities, Islamic primary schools, mosques or Islamic organizations.


Follow these steps to apply to IUASR. You may then use our checklist for first year applicants to make sure you have all of the required elements together before submitting your application.

  1. Check the basic requirements.
  2. Check the application deadlines.
  3. Fill the application form.
  4. Pay your tuition fees.
  5. Collect the required documents.
  6. Submit your application.
  1. Basic Requirements
  • Hold a diploma comparable to HAVO, IGCSE, O’levels or I.B.

The minimum requirement for admission is a diploma that is at least equal to Dutch HAVO diploma. In the case of non-Dutch applicants, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), General Certificate of Education: Ordinary Level (O’levels) or International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas would also be applicable. To check if your diploma is at least equal to Dutch HAVO diploma, please visit or

  • English Proficiency.

To enroll in our English Bachelor’s programme, you must be proficient in English. Tests accepted are:

  • IELTS (6.0 or more)
  • TOEFL (80 or more)
  • Cambridge English Exam (CPE, CAE – 169 Cambridge component score)

You can be exempted from submitting one of the above English test results if:

  • You have an IB diploma.
  • You completed your secondary or higher education in the USA, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia or Canada(Students from Canadian schools with French education are still required to submit their English test result).

3. A European residence permit. Prospective students from EU countries may study in The Netherlands freely. However, prospective students from outside EU are advised to contact our International Office before submitting their application. (

4. Being able to prove that they have sufficient financial resources to pay for the training. This includes the yearly tuition fee (3,000 Euros for Dutch Citizens, 5.000 Euros for EU Citizens and Rest of the World 7.500 Euros) for all students in addition to the monthly living expenses (approximately 1,000 Euros per month) for students from non-EU countries.

Application Deadline

Because the Islamic Theology Bachelor’s programme is taught in 4 quarters per academic year, applications are open throughout the year and the new students may start their education at the beginning of any of the four quarters during the year.

Fill the application form.

You may download the application form here.

Pay the tuition fee

Annual tuition fee is 3,000 Euros for Dutch Citizens, 5.000 Euros for EU Citizens and Rest of the World 7.500 Euros. In addition, prospective non-EU students will be required to prove during their application that they have sufficient financial means to live in the Netherlands. (Approximately 1,000 Euros per month).

Collect the required documents

  • Truthfully filled application form. You may download the application form here.
  • a copy of a valid passport or European ID card
  • a Dutch residence permit
  • a CV
  • Copies of diplomas and transcripts
  • During your initial application, digital copies are sufficient. After you have been admitted, our International Office will contact you for instructions on how to submit certified copies.
  • Documents must be in the original language. If they are not in English or Dutch, they must be accompanied by official translations into English or Dutch.
  • If you have not yet completed your current studies, state your expected graduation date along with all your up-to-date transcripts.
  • English Test results
  • You may apply before you obtain your test results. However, if you are admitted, it will be on the condition that your test results being sufficient.
  • Proof of payment of the tuition fee in the form of a bank transaction slip.
  • A passport photo.

Submit your application

You may send your application by email to or by post to Bergsingel 135 3037 GC Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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