In consonance with constitutional rights, Muslims have very recently founded Islamic primary and secondary schools within the educational system in the Netherlands. Since 1997, the IUASR has been founded as a result of initiatives taken by Muslims living in the Netherlands. Since then, the IUASR is established as a Dutch University and more importantly as an intellectual contribution of Muslims to the Dutch society.
There has been a general agreement among the founders, being responsible citizens, as regards to the IUASR as a social necessity for Muslims and non-Muslims in the Dutch society. There are currently more than 900.000 Muslims living in the Netherlands. With a view to fulfil the social and religious needs of the Muslims, the University contributes with respect to imams and moral guides in the Dutch educational field.
Through academic education and research, the IUASR aims to contribute to the concretisation of the following anthological synthesis: “Live as a Muslim and as a responsible citizen of the Dutch society.”

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