Examination Board & the Commission for Board of the Exams

The Examination Board is the internal department in IUASR that is responsible for the quality, the organisation and the coordination of examination. It also controls the admission, the handover of diplomas and the educational exemptions of students.

Do you have an education related issue for the Examination Board? The Board will only accept an official complaint on hardcopy. You can fill in the form at the Students Affairs desk. The Examination Board will invite you for a personal conversation to understand the problem.

If the students’ concern cannot be solved by the Examination Board and/or the student wishes to go in appeal against the decision, this will be possible at the highest (external) department: the Commission for Board of the Exams. In this case, the Examination Boards’ decision includes an opportunity to appeal within 6 weeks after date of signature of the Examination Boards’ decision. If you decide to appeal, you should write an official letter to the Examination Board, which shall handover its decision to the Complaint Desk to start your procedure for appeal at the Commission for Board of the Exams. The Commission will invite you for a conversation and checks the decision-making procedure of the Examination Board, after which you will receive the final decision within 6 weeks.

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