English Language Requirements

Language Policy

The English language of outgoing Dutch students is of high level. We can offer (for equal opportunities) intensive English courses within the institution; for these purposes we use the proficiency level of B1. i.e. in outgoing student mobility projects for which the aforementioned level of English is required, we have the ability to offer language support with inhouse teaching staff for increasing the language skills of our students. Part of this support also include assessments; in the selection procedure our outgoing students are being tested on language. After a student applies at the International Office for outgoing mobility, he or she will be invited by the IO-coordinator for an intake. After the deadline for applications, the Office shall invite the applicant students to undergo an assessment on English and Arabic language. From the students who reach a score of 70 or above, there will be made a selection to send out on mobility. In case there are too less students who have reached the minimum of 70 score, the IO will select the students with the highest scores and offer them inhouse language support for increasing their language level that will enable them to do the mobility. In case of mobility within the regular Erasmus+, outgoing students will undertake an Online Linguistic Support assessment before and after arrival of the mobility.

Incoming students are required a minimum level of B1 English language to be able to follow English lectures. Of these students we expect at arrival that their language skills meets the minimum requirement. In this case the responsibility of selection on language requirements is at the partner institution, with which will be agreed to increase the level of their students when necessary.

Outgoing students have a high degree of English. Yet for specific mobility projects will be able to follow a course to practice their level of English. Further information about various issues may be acquired by contacting the International Office intoffice@iuasr.nl regarding:

Registration and Tuition Fees (for outgoing mobility);
Deadlines (for outgoing mobility);
Selection Procedures;
Guidelines for Education and Examinations;
Mentoring and advice;
Education styles;
Accommodation (for incoming mobility);
Visa (for incoming mobility);
Insurance (for incoming mobility)

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