Cooperation agreements

Existing MoU’s

The International Office, which is the appointed department for Mobility, has been working and initiating contact with various institutions within Europe as well as in other countries worldwide. These MoU’s are the initial steps for implementing the exchange of student and staff mobility under the umbrella of Erasmus Charter. The International Office is actively involved in evaluating new possibilities and opportunities for broadening IUASR’s Erasmus+ inter-institutional cooperation worldwide.

The MoU’s are signed to promote mutual cooperation within the Erasmus+ Programme. Certain exchange has been established where the knowledge and research of students and staff has been organised by the International Office. These succesful exchanges has given us the necessary feedback in the improvement on certain areas such as accommodation, visa application procedure, insurance as well as the main focus, namely the contribution to the students and staff.

Here are the MoU’s which are prelimanary signed for future purposes of Erasmus+:

University name Country
University of Jordan Jordan
Business School Netherlands Netherlands
Tatar State  University of Humanities and Education Russia
Unida Gontor University Darussalam Indonesia
International  Islamic University of Malaysia Malaysia
Al-Qasemi College of Education Israël
Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Turkey
Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems                                                                                                                         Austria

Schulamtes der IggiÖ

University of Philadelphia Jordan
Sidi Mohamed ben Abdellah University Morocco
Üsküdar University Turkey
Hartford Seminary United States of America
Al-Qarawiyyin University Établissement Dar El Hadith El Hassania (Rabat) Morocco

Diyanet: Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affairs.

The Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam has an official cooperation agreement with the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey.

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