This communique is created upon questions from distresed students of the bankrupt Islamic Theological School called the IUE. The former, now insolvent IUE used to have two degree programmes; an unaccredited Bachelor program Islamic Theology and an accredited part-time Master Chaplaincy program. The Bachelor programme was never meant to grant degrees and yet did grant diplomas to students who now find out that their diplomas are invalid by the Higher Education law.

The Master Islamic Chaplaincy program was accredited, yet now is known to have enrolled students from other countries, or taught in languages other than the Dutch language which is prohibited by law. In other cases students were enrolled without any prior Bachelor education and thus lacked the conditions to enrol students.

Those students who are eligible to follow the IUASR degree programmes at our institution may look up conditions of eligibility from our website and contact our Students Affair. Whereas those students who are enrolled in other countries in Europe as well as in cities such as Istanbul and Mardin in Turkey cannot apply for our degree programmes.

Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam

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